Make Money Blogging : Part 2 : Blogsvertise

I have started with blogsvertise, because this is the coolest paid to blog site. It may approve newest of blogs too. But the blog is then put on probation and if it meets the standard, it is upgraded. A blog on probation gets $2 per post.
I started with them at $2, because my blog was not even 2 weeks old. Now I get as many as 10 post assignments a week.
-How does Blogsvertise work: Blogsvertise control panel is easy to operate. When you log in, you will see number of tasks asgined to you on the upper right corner of the blogsvertise dashboard. The opportunities or tasks ( as they are called here) are e-mailed to the worthy bloggers. They have to be completed within five days. After completing the task, you click on the task management and then enter the name and url of the post. Someone from the administration visits the page within 3 days and your task is approved. If your task is rejected for some reason, you are given the chance to correct the mistakes and resubmit it.

-How much you get: They claim to give $4 to $20 according to the performance, but I think it is $2-$10.Which isn't bad either, if get to make $100 a week.

-Grab bag tasks: These are the opportunities which no one wants to take, meaning the jobs declined by other bloggers. You have to be on the look out for them. Initially I didn't know anything about them. Then one fine day I simply clicked on the blog search list to see if my new blog was accepted or not. There I found a small icon in front of my other blog, I clicked it out of curiosity, and lo! There were 10 opportunities waiting to be taken. From then on, I check my blog list the first thing after logging in.

-Be sure to decline the tasks if you don't want to take them. Otherwise your account may be suspended. I am telling you from experience. I went on a long holiday and could not do anything online. after returning from vacations, I found that my account had been suspended. I wrote them an email stating the reason, and they reinstated my account.
-The support is good and reply promptly. I have interacted with them quite often and they are quick to respond to the queries.
So my advice is that start your journey of making money through blogging with blogsvertise.



2 May 2008 at 04:07

I've been with Blogvertise for a few months and I've only gotten one assignment. Any tips?


2 May 2008 at 06:29

I have been with them for last three months and made quite a lot of bucks. Lately they seem to be having some problems getting advertisers.You can write to cheryl or lori [at] blogsvertise.com, and as I said in my post, check your blog list everyday for grab bag tasks.
Hope it helps:)