Make Money Blogging: Part 5: Snap Bomb

Snap bomb:Snap bomb is a relatively new paid to post site. I heard about this blog advertising site on geekyspeaky forum.Their payout is based on the valuation of your blog, which in turn depends on a lot of factors like subscriptions,google ranking etc. I think this valuation is similar to Sponsored Reviews,but the difference is that you have to bid for the projects in sponsored reviews whereas you get projects based on your blogs valuation in snap bomb. I have two blogs there. One has a value of $6-$27 and another has got a value of $.75-$3. So if I get one assignment for both the blogs, I will be paid different amount for each blog depending on their valuation. I think you have got pretty much a good idea about the valuation.
Now the tricky part: For getting your blog in to the system of snap bomb, you have to install a script, and verify it in your snap bomb account.Then data is gathered and you need to wait for a day or two till the valuation is complete and the range selected for your blog.I had no problems in installing the script and then getting the valuation done, but many girls at geeky speaky were annoyed that the script isn't working. So this is an issue that snap bomb has to take care of.
: I have recently joined, so I can't comment on how regular or professional they are about payments.I think they pay you monthly, I had read something about payment in their blog......I can't seem to recollect. Let me check it first.....OK I got it, it's not in the blog but in the FAQs. It say that the amount is paid when it reaches $25, the payouts are after 2 months from the date you created a post.
I will keep you update on this paid to post site.