Make Money Blogging : Part 3: Smorty

Another of my favourite blog ad sites is smorty.com.I love the site because they provide good opportunities. I have recently started with them. You need to have your pages indexed in google, if want to get your blog approved at Smorty.Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

How Smorty works:Blog opportunities are displayed on the dashboard, when you accept the task, then the dashboard automatically shows the time left to submit that post. When you have posted in your blog, you have to submit the text of the post and the url ( which should start with www).I am telling these details, because they are different from other get paid to blog sites.

How much You make with Smorty: How much money you make by posting for smorty, depends on the google page rank of your blog, because you are given opportunities accordingly. A PR 5 blog will get tasks ranging from $50 to $200 where as blogs with lesser PR get tasks with less money. So if you want to get paid to blog here, then you need to work on writing a lot of original content, which will improve your ranking.Payments are made every week.

Smorty forum and Smorty blog: Theses are two new developments at smorty, which again makes it a different from other paid to blog sites. There is a lot of interaction at forums, different Smortians discuss various things in the forum. It has regional sub forums too. Where bloggers from different countries mingle with fellow countrymen. Smorty blog keeps the bloggers in touch with the administration.
So if you want to blog for money then you should head to smorty.



2 May 2008 at 04:05

Curious - have you received payment? How long have you been with Smorty? I've read a lot of unhappy people online as far as Smorty is concerned...


2 May 2008 at 06:19

I started making posts for them from this February only. I got paid regularly. I found no issues with them. May be the reason why other are dissatisfied with smorty are:
1. The opportunities show according to your page rank and an overall smorty rank. So the higher page rank blog will get high price posts to write, whereas blogs with lower or no page rank get opportunities in the range of $6-$8
2. Smorty is very particular about permanent links. If you have removed links from your older posts
they will withhold the money you make on new posts till you rectify the issue. Other sites like blogsvertise,also make it compulsory to have permanent links, but they don't withhold your future payments if the link is not there after 30 days.
Thanks for dropping by ;)