Make Money From Digg and Stumble Upon

Yes you can make money through social bookmarking sites. All you have to do is to register at these two social bookmarking sites ; Digg and Stumble upon, then register with Subvert and profit
And you are done. All you have to do is to wait for the e-mail from Subvert and profit. You will be asked to digg or stumble four to five stories at one time. Payment is $1 for a batch of stories for the beginners. Later when you have graduated to net level, then you will be paid $2.
Subvert and profit has been criticized for the so called illegal business of generating clicks artificially. But the site is not baffled by all the accusations heaped upon them. They themselves acknowledge it, their blog is named The Black marketing Blog. There are many people who want their stories on the first page of Digg. This social bookmarking site has grown so huge in recent times that it is very difficult to find a place at the front page of Digg even after fifty or so diggs. So people turn to sites like Subvert and profit, which can provide them the much needed numbers. The site earn money from these people, who are called advertisers.
I don't see why such hue and cry is being created over Subvert and profit. Digg, stumble upon and other social bookmarking sites are not non profit organizations, they are here to make money, which they are doing pretty well.
I think it is reasonable enough if you use your social bookmarking sites for the purpose they are there, and also make money while doing so. If I find something interesting, I stumble it immediately, as I want to read and go through the contents in my free time. If I also get to make money from it, then it's extra bonus for me. Right? ,
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