Would You Wait for God to Treat Your Kid?

That's what a couple did when their daughter got diabetes. Instead of getting her treated from a qualified physician, they prayed to God for her recovery. How stupid one can be. The DA says there was no intent of killing involved in this case. For god's sake, the child is dead, and all because of her ignorant and idiot parents. They should be punished severely, but then who will look after their other two children? They have been sent to some relative's. Does faith heals, can god really help to cure an illness? If yes, then doctors will be the first ones to strike against God and his pvt. ltd. We turn to God in extreme circumstances, normally it is the doctor who looks like the person who can help us get rid of a fat ass or a bad toothache or a malignant tumor. Where science and medicines fail, God enters. I am not an atheist, I believe in afterlife and a superpower, but the idea of sick getting recovered by god's miracles is too much for me to believe.