Pet Cats for Thirty Thousand Bucks, Are You Joking?

Here is news for all pet lovers and cat owners. You are not hip if you don't have Ashera cat as your pet.The hype created by Lifestyle pets has really gotten to every body. Imagine paying $40,000 for cat, which is considered to be a hybrid cat.
Now we have heard of hybrid cars, what the heck is hybrid cat?
Now according to Lifestyle pets, which makes these hybrid cats, Ashera cat is a blend of exotic bloodlines.

Now what is interesting here is that the company sold three Ashera cats to a Dutch couple, and the a US breeder claims that they are not Ashera but Sawanah F1Cats, which were bought by the company from his breeding farm.
LifeStyle Pets is branch of Allerca. Allerca shot to fame after claiming that it has made an allergy free cat.The company has never released peer-reviewed scientific data or submitted it for peer review in a scientific journal.
In 2006, the California Department of Corporations ordered Allerca to stop offering or selling cat franchises in California. The company had been marketing the franchises - at $45,000 a territory - on its Web site and in e-mails to residents of California and other states. Many Allerca employees have stated that the company has serious cash problems.