A Collection of Good Led Rope Lights

Today I am going to talk about led rope lights, and a site which sells them.The site's name is birddogdistributing.com.The site provides different kinds of lights, ranging from rope lights to novelty lights, yard and patio lights and icicle lights.
They have an impressive collection of storm displays, which are a good way to catch the attention of the onlookers.

They are offering discount on many of the items like led rope lights bulk spools. The discounts are good and worth a buy. For those, who don’t want to buy in bulk, the site offers custom cut led rope light. These are suitable for small jobs, and you don’t need to cut them, as they come in pre-cut shapes. So you save both time and money by purchasing custom cut led rope lightings. The prices range from $7.47 for red to $14.95 for white led rope lighting per interval.

I especially liked their collection of mini lights.