Heather Mills Pour Anger on McCa's Lawyer

So she proved to the world that she is a real bitch,and not to be taken lightly. Heather Mills took out her frustration over court's verdict on Paul McCartney's attorney Fiona Shackleton. She poured a glass of water over Shackleton's head.Later Mills announced that she was happy with the verdict on her divorce settlement. Bullshit! She was the one who went to court to cut at last $100 million. Paul McCartney had offered her $25 million in the beginning itself. But no, she wanted more flesh.
What a waste,she is. mills may have gained sympathy after her accident,but her greed has let her fans down. On the other hand, McCa is not innocent either. He has to pay the price for marrying for lust not love. At his age when he should be playing with grand kids, he is courting young girls fit to be his grand daughters. But that's the life of celebrities, and we too follow them.
Now Mills is trying to block the verdict from getting public,saying that it will adversely affect her daughter Beatrice.Again CRAP.The judge has made negative comments about her in the verdict and she doesn't want the public to know.