May Pang and Her Instamatic Karma: Is She Better than Mills?

Two in a day. We are hearing news related to two former Beatles today. Paul McCartney survived the divorce ordeal with Heather Mills. Now we hear that John Lenon's former assistant and mistress-for-18 months May Pang has released a Photo Book of former Beatles's rare photos.
Is it another attempt by May pang to cash in on late John Lenon's popularity? I don't think so.It was Yoko Ono who suggested that May start a relationship with Lenon, as their relationship was going through a rough period. Ono was afraid that Lenon will drift away from her if she loosened her leash. May refused to become a keep, but later they had an affair which is famously called The Lost Weekend.
Many portray May Pang as a money sucking, fame seeking bitch. But I don't see her that way. She has been living her life quietly and making a living on her own as a feng shui jewelery designer. If she wants to remember her relationship with Lenon, then it is her prerogative.
Did you know that May Pang and Lenon's first wife Cynthia Lenon are best pals?