Healthy Dog Food is a Must to Fight Dog Cancer

I can’t watch my Tootsie getting weaker day by day. She is suffering from dog cancer. Pooches suffering from dog cancer need particular type of healthy dog food. I avoid giving her grains, though they are her favourite dog supplements. More than carbohydrates, proteins and fats should be the main dog supplements in a diet to fight dog cancer. Diet containing healthy dog food plays the most significant role in treating dog cancer. If dogs suffering from cancer are not fed healthy dog food containing the required amount of proteins and fats, then it may lead to kidney and liver failure.
My vet says that dog cancer is not fatal for dogs, they die of other side effects like kidney failure most of the time.

Though it breaks my heart to deny her the dog supplements containing cereals, I have to feed her healthy dog food. I hope she knows that I am doing it for her own good. Fish oil is rich in fatty acids like omega-3, which are essential to fight against dog cancer.