How to Write Letters to Editor

I have been writing letters to editor in various newspapers since I was in my Journalism major. They helped me gain recognition among the raiders as well the editorial staff. So when it was time for doing internship after college, I was easily accepted. Letters are first step for getting published and starting to make money through writing.
If you don't want to join a paper or a magazine, then also you can start with writing letters to the editor on various current issue. For the avid newspaper and magazine reader, the temptation to write a learned piece complaining about the state of the nation or the rising price of a pack of frozen peas can be overwhelming.
There is an outlet for the man or woman in the street to voice their opinion and that is through the readers' letters page. It can also be a way of earning small amounts of cash or gifts for your writing. You stand better chance of having published if you follow a few simple rules:
- Write clearly and neatly.
-Address it to the right person.
- Keep it brief and to the point.
- make it as topical as possible.
- Write about something relevant to the publication's readership.
- A brief word of praise for the publication always help.
- Invite comments or advice from other readers.
- Never send the same letter to more than one magazine at the same time. These pages operate on the assumption that all letters are from regular readers of their publications.
See you at some magazine's letters' column, then!