Ten Rules for Theatre Actors of all ages

1. Memorize your lines as soon as possible, making an extra effort if you have a large role.
2. Go over your lines and blocking before every rehearsal.
3. Always be on time for auditions, rehearsals, and performances.
4. Clear your calendar of anything that conflicts with rehearsal schedules.
5. Always treat the technical staff with respect.
6. Whenever possible, ask questions before or after the rehearsals, so that you won't interrupt the flow of the scene.
7. Worry about your own performance, not the performance of other actors- that's the director's job.
8. Keep track of your own costumes and props all the time.
9. Keep noise level down backstage, even in the dressing room.
10. Always accept compliments on your performance graciously, even if you think you were having an off night.