SLA Radical Sarah Jane Olson Is Back to Prison

They say it was a computing error. But this computing error has caused not only mental stress and agony for Sarah Jane Olson, but also cost her another year of her freedom. Now she will be freed only in March net year.
In 1970s Sarah Jane Olson was a member of SLA, a group of a bunch of misguided college kids.They were the rebels against the Fascist American State, so was every one in those days. A couple of stupid mistakes later, the group dissolved and Sarah Jane Olson went in to hiding after a failed bank robbery. It seems that she was discovered after some ( jealous?) neighbor might have tipped off cops, after a program was aired on America's Most Wanted.

SLA stands for Symbionese Liberation Army.World interest in SLA was ignited when they kidnapped media Heiress Patty Hearst. Hearst later disowned ( if I may use the word) her parents and declared to join SLA. Later when the group disbanded, she claimed that she was brainwashed.She was sentenced to seven years, but later pardoned after serving around two years of her sentence in prison.
Young people joined such groups to fight against injustice and oppression.Most of the times they were not aware of the true objectives and backgrounds of their revered leaders. Donald Defreeze, the leader of SLA was an escaped prisoner who had robbed a prostitute.
Now back to Sarah Jane Olson. Her lawyers thought that she would be given at the most, five years. But in her case, the prison board used a rarely used section of state law, and sentenced her for 11 years.
A 61 year old woman, who has lived most of her life peacefully, is being treated like
fascists and terrorists.