Make Money Blogging : Part 1

Today I am also joining the list of bloggers who have written posts about how to make money through blogging. You can ask me why is the need to write another episode of money making opportunities, when internet is overcrowded with such articles? My point is that I am a writer, and as a writer you should write what sells, this is necessary for putting food on your table. You or I may not be starving exactly, but you have to be in tune with the times, and keep an eye on the trends in the market,i.e. the readers. And readers want to know how they can mae money blogging. I have been blogging long enough to get the idea of various ways of making money online. There are PPC sites, payperpaly sites and sponsored blogs sites. I will deal with each money making method one by one.
First let me share a secret of my success with you. Get your pages indexed in google. This is really important. If you are new, chances are that your blog will be rejected by most of the paid blog sites. But if you are new and you have written enough posts and your pages are cached in google, then your blog stands good chances of approval on these blog ad sites like reviewme, blogsvertise etc. So let's start making money by blogging.,,