Cosmatologists are Angry with Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman should be the ideal for all the women wanting to look good. With her flawless skin and a completely wrinkle free face, she evokes an image of eternal beauty.
Well, if cosmetologists are to be believed, then women don't find Nicole attractive. When they visit a cosmetic surgeon, they specifically tell, that they don't want to look like Nicole Kidman.
Cosmetic Surgeon reason that Kidman has over used botox so much that now her face has become expressionless and project her as an Ice maiden.
Cosmetologists are angry with Kidman because her abuse of botox has driven many clients away. Women now prefer not use botox, as they fear that they might also look like a bat as does Kidman.Nicole Kidman has always refuted claims that she takes botox injections.
She was a pretty lass in her younger years, with red curly hair and an expressive face.Now she has such a wooden face that only her eyes can emote. Everybody knows that she is past her prime, so she won't be getting teenage girl roles. Then why this fetish with being ageless? Look at Helen Mirren, she is a superb example of how to age gracefully. And she has no dearth of roles either.