Safety Tips For Wiring Your Home

Working around electricity is not every one's forte. Most of the time guys leave it to the electricians to do even the smallest stitch, let alone wiring the house. So in my opinion, you have taken a herculean task, and you should be applauded if you successfully wire your home all by your self. There are a few thing that one should keep in mind while working with electricity. I will list out some, and you are welcome to add your own tips.

  • First and foremost, turn off the main electricity switch before you touch anything.Switching off the main fuse or switch ensures that there is a least chance of mishappening while you work on the electricity. Use a tester to make sure that the current is not running in the wires or plugs.
  • Make a draft of the main wiring areas of the house and decide where you want to start.
  • Tell your family when you are going to work on the wiring, so that they may not accidentally switch on the power.
  • Use a plastic or wood ladder instead of a metal ladder, while working on electrical switches and wires.
  • Never stand on a wet floor, when you are about to work on electricity. It is safer if you wear gloves to handle cables and insertions.
  • Be on the lookout for live wires which come from outside. They are live, because they can't be switched off when you turn off the wire.
  • Turn the power on only when you have finished wiring. Don't leave the work in the middle, others might topple over some loose wire or open cables.