Bed and Breakfast hotels in Paris

There is a new site for bookings in Paris Hotels.The site has a very cute and useful map of Paris. All the three airports and the roadways are clearly mentioned.In most of the Paris maps, Oorly airport is missing, though most of the low cost airlines fly in and out of Oorly. All the tourist attractions are drawn neatly. I would have like to present the map here.......Let me see if my snapshot is working or not.( my laptop doesn't have a prt screen key)..........Ok I have found the software and here is the Paris map for you, but you will get the real map is much more fantastic than this, so you may want to visit the site to have a look.
The site itself is very basic and provide a form where you fill up information about the dates and number of people going on the trip.You can get information about Paris bed and breakfast hotels.There is a lot of additional information is included, such as if the hotel provides parking, breakfast,airconditioning,fan,private bathroom etc.