Coastal Towns of UK

One of my husband's friend is studying in Aberdeen University. He has called us many times to visit him there. It feel nice to meet your countrymen when you are away from home. We are planning to visit this friend in May. We will be staying in one of the cheap Aberdeen hotels.Though our friend has offered that we stay with him on our visit, its better than we find our own accommodation, so that there is no burden whatsoever on him. After all he is just a student there.Aberdeen is a coastal town of Scotland, and my husband once thought of shifting there, as there was an opportunity in his company on a Shell project. Shell has a big oil and gas plant in Aberdeen. Aberdeen has been a top scorer for ten times in Britain in Bloom competition. Aberdeen has also been known as Granite city,city of friendship,city of goodwill.
Interesting Facts about Brighton:
Brighten was the first place in England to open a casino.Owner of Body Shop and a renowned environmentalist Anita Roddick was born in Brighton. Brighton was witness to the first ever cargo flight in world.Brighton has the distinction of being known as the gay capital of England. You can find a list of cheap Brighton hotels on the net. We spent a day on Brighton beach last summer, and had a wonderful time. We had heard a lot about Brighton nightlife and Brighton pier and it did live to its reputation.Its only one and a half hour train journey from London to Brighton.
Plymouth is home to world's oldest running bakery. There are many good accommodations available in Plymouth hotels.