Wow! Got Visitors From Digg

That's the first time that I got some traffic on my blog from Digg. I had lost all the interest in Digg because your story just lie in your profile page an nobody gets to read it. The competition between the posts is so high that a new and learning blogger like me can never hope of making it to any page of t Digg.Recently I just used it when doing my subvert and profit tasks. Recently I started a new blog and started to upload my post through social poster. Digg is the first site on socialposter, so I just submitted it anyway. And I am getting so much traffic from Digg and popurls. Popurls is a site which collects the popular stories through out the top social bookmarking sites and show them on its homepage.
Earlier also I got traffic from Popurls, but that was through Ma.gnolia. This is the first time I got traffic on any of my posts from digg, and it feels great :)