Do You Want a Free Article Rewriter?

A few days back I found a thread on digital point forum, which was a about an article rewriter. I found it interesting and followed the discussion. The guy who was selling the article rewriter seemed genuine, so I decided to buy one for me. This article rewriter is sold for $9.95, and you have to have your own site, so that you can upload it. I didn't have any success with this article rewriter. The page was showing some junk characters when I typed the path for article rewriter.The guy who sold it, told me that my server has not properly installed zend issue. I contacted my server,and they installed the zend thing ( whatever it is). But still I have nothing on my site which can be termed as an article rewriter.

Now I tried finding some free software for article rewriter.
Some sites rewrite your copy instantly ( with hilarious results) and I found a site that allows free download of the software, something similar to the one I had bought. I have yet to install this free article rewriter software on my server.
What I have understood from digging around the net, is that these article rewriter softwares basically use the google translator service, thus your article is first translated into German and then back into English, with some words replaced by their synonyms.
I tried Seotier, but it is not working.
Then I copy pasted the original content on essay writer, clicked the Do the work for me button and Ta Daa! Nothing happened. This site is also having the same problem as Seotier.
Noe my third destination was e-articles, this site works, but the text that you get is really funny.
I copy pasted my post The war of music fans is on, The first sentence is" My husband is a huge fan of Bryan Adams. The article rewriter turned it into" My husband is an enormous ventilator of Bryan Adams :)
Another of my article had a line ........apply a goos sunscreen to the exposed areas of your skin, it went as .....apply a good solar protection to the exposed sectors of your skin.
The free content software which you have to upload on your site can be found at freecontentrewrite, as I said earlier, I haven't yet tested it, so I can't say whether it works or not. If you want to buy the one that I bought ( may be it will work for you), then you can find more information on this article rewriter at this thread.