Can We Compare NHS with Indian Health Care System?

I had an appointment at Surgery for NHS registration. We reached there early so had to wait. Then the nurse couldn't find our forms, which we had submitted earlier. She herself went to the file room to check where the files are kept. She still couldn't find them, so she brought another form and filled another form for us.
I was naturally comparing the NHS to Indian Health care system back home. If such a situation arose there, then what would have happened?
First, the nurse would tell me to fetch the forms my self. I go down, the receptionist would tell me to come later ( she is having a tea, or just talking to another nurse). I go back again after a while,. They can't find the file, I get the answer. I go back to the first nurse, she tells me ( rudely) that she won't do my check up until she gets the form. I keep running from one office to another room for days and even months. If someone in my family falls sick, They can't be treated till we all get registered.
That will be the scenario.
One can give the argument of UK being a scarcely populated country in comparison to India's mammoth population. I also gave thought the same way. But then you have to look it at from another angle. Do we give respect to others if we are in a position of authority or power? A nurse, a clerk, a doctor, a sub inspector, an SP, nobody is willing to do their job, or help you out when you go to them as simple citizen. Everything can't be blamed on Indian bureaucracy or red tape. It's the attitude of people and their mindset that should change.