England Vs Scotland

My husband and his coleagues were going for a party in a pub. Hubby dear was wearing a Union Jack cap. His colleagues advised him that he should pull the cap down and put in the pocket, before entering the pub, as the Scots don't like this public show of pro British sentiments.
I haven't encountered any such problem or witnessed any resistant whatsoever towards British people. But one incident I do remember. One of my husband's colleagues, Dave came on dinner last weekend. I served him Parnathas and Said, "Indians prefer their paranthas spicy, but I haven't put chilly in your's as I have heard English don't like spicy food." Dave immediately corrected me, " I am Scottish. Though I too like less spice, but the paranthas (he spelled parnthas) are really tasty." I was a little nonplussed, but the praise about my cooking helped me save face. Dave later told us that Scotland has been pro independence for a long time. Once they went for the referendum also. The majority was in favor of independence, but the total turn out was less than 75%, which was a requisite.
But ultimately it is the people of Scotland’s right to decide, just like the people of Kashmir, but that's another time.