Technology Transfer Services at Hebrew University

I have always been fascinated by Jewish history. When I was studying, I had once contemplated applying a scholarship for one of the courses at Hebrew University. But things didn't go as planned and I took admission in JNU, Delhi, which is another great university. Recently I got to read my favorite book My glorious brothers by Howard Fast, and I was again reminded of my fetish with knowing something about Jewish way of life. My search landed me on a site which provides technology transfer serices to the staff and students of Hebrew University. It is a company of HU, which searches and provides various commercial ventures for the technology transfer of the research projects undertaken at the University. I think it is a very good step taken by the university, because I have seen in India that people toil for years on a project, get good results and yet can't find ant sponsors. Many a times the project or research has to be abandoned because of the lack of funds.
As I was going through this site, I saw many success stories, meaning the projects went on to become good commercial products. It is amazing that this company has made about $ 1 billion in the last forty years. This should be the focus of a Technological or scientific research institutes, i.e. to make the projects commercially viable and to be on the look out for collaborations with business community. The marketing part is still a forbidden taboo in many universities. Thetechnology transfer has developed a lot of successful ventures in the field of computer science, environment technologies and, homeland security.

Here is a list of some of the products developed by the researchers and students of Hebrew University:

  • UV-Peral: These are sunscreen microcapsules, a really revolutionary product.
  • Doxil: Used in the treatment of ovarian cancer.
  • Cherry Tomatoes: A hybrid variety to preserve tomatoes for longer duration.
  • MBCD: An internet based system that provides guidance in deciding about an occupation.
  • Sumo: It is a head louse repellent.
  • SURPA-VIR: A medicine for treating skin infections.