Interesting Facts about France

  • The French don't tend to queue at bus stops, or anywhere really!
  • A German tribe that invaded France in during 6th century AD,became extremely powerful. They were called Frank, and gave the country the name Francia. This tribe had strange traditions. When they buried their kings, they put into the grave large numbers of tiny golden bees.
  • Three thousand rocks in Carnac ( Brittany), arranged in mysterious lines and patterns, have puzzled archaeologists for many years. Were they used for religious worship, for funerals or as ancient calendars? No one knows the answer.
  • When Germans invaded France during WWII, Many French people formed a group called the Resistance and they tried to overthrow the Germans by bombing railway lines, spying and just generally trying to interfere with Nazi rule. You can see many monuments to their bravery all over France.It is not considered rude to eat something bought from the bakery when you are in a cafe.
  • A tradition through out France is to play a game called petanque. It is often played next to cafes.It can be very competitive, so much so much so that at times the grunts and guffaws of frustration can turn the air blue when a game is lost. But because the French language sounds so lovely, you probably won't notice it.

You will notice a lot of kissing in France and it is likely that if you go to a French home you will be kissed. At special family occasions such as a wedding, men often kiss one another once on both cheeks if they know each other well or are related.