Tricia Walsh Smith You Tube Video

Have you watched Tricia Walsh Smith's video? It was added six days ago and it has already attracted two million views. Let me fill in the gaps for you and then you can enjoy this hilarious video which I have embedded below.This is a case of another celebrity divorce with another gold digger posing as a victim.Tricia Walsh Smith is a so called actress and playwright married to Philip Smith, who is the owner of the biggest Broadway theater company Shubert Organisation.Ticia Walsh Smith in you tube video declares herself as Poor, Vulnerable, and she also does the sobbing job very well though it doesn't gains any support or sympathy for Tricia Walsh.

Tricia says"I am an Idiot".I don't think so. You are a very conniving lady who knows how to use technology to her benefit.But on second thoughts I think that,spilling the beans of her marriage in front of the whole world, is not a good idea after all. If you were so dissatisfied with your marriage then you should have left him earlier when you found out how he was keeping things from you. Now you are being kicked out for being a gold digger and you are whining. As you are in London, go meet Heather Mills and get some tips on how to wrench good money from husbands past your father's age.