Interesting Facts about Beer

My husband is a fan of Foster's beer. Simply, because this brand is always on sale or at discount whenever we visit the supermarket. He generally likes to down beer while watching rugby or football matches at home. I am not very fond of his beer love, but I don't show my dislike though. He comes home after a day's hard work, and he has a right to enjoy the way he wants to.
So I thought that of giving him a surprise. I got him a membership of an online beer of the month club. This club sends you a package which includes beer of the month, a newsletter called beer expeditions, and various discounts on the beer. I think it is a good idea to join one of these
beer clubs, because then you don't have the need to horde up stacks of beer cans during the discount season, these clubs regularly provide that.
Now some interesting facts about beer, I am sure you will enjoy reading them as much as my husband did :)
- The most expensive beer in the world is named after the famous Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen.
-King Gambrinus is the patron saint of beer. He introduced the tradition of the toast.
- The consumption of beer is more than twenty gallons per year per person in
- Beer comes next to tea in popular drinks category.
- In ancient times, fasting monks were allowed to drink beer, that's why there were lots of breweries in many monasteries.
- The term berserk means without shirt and its origin is attributed to Vikings, who would often go to battle with even wearing a shirt, after they had gulped down gallons of beer.
- July is the Beer Month in