War of Titans in Webosphere

So we hear that the champion of free speech and free web Tim O'Reilly has caused another controversy. This time it concerns with webguild. O'Reilly was at loggerhead with Amazon on some patent issues earlier. But this time he has gone too far. Calling google bosses and pressurizing them to cancel contracts with SEM organizations that include the term web2.0 in the events and conferences! That's a real hypocrisy. If I preach something and do the exact opposite, then I am a fraud. O'Reilly has made $billions championing the cause of free web and making the most through web marketing and online advertising.

In my opinion, the web is a place which is owned by everybody. People like Tim’OReilly, pollute this social media with their underhand tactics. Webguild had been using the term web2.0 earlier, and it shows their mettle that they didn’t buckle under the pressure and stuck to their stand. Kudos to them.