Get a Personalized Bathrobe

Last weekend we went to Princess Street for our routine weekly outing. I was window shopping in Marks and Spencer. I thought of buying bathrobesfor me and my husband, but the price was so exorbitant that I just couldn’t make myself to purchase. Then today I went on this site which deals in bathrobes and it held my interest. I decided to stay there for a while and check. The site caters to individual and whole sale buyers. I found that, here it is very easy to find what you are looking for. They have got various types of bathrobes for kids, men and women. You get hooded bathrobes, terry bathrobes, wafel and kimono robes and a lot of other types of robes.A section called personalized robes caught my attention, and I read further. The site offers to give a personal touch to the bathrobes by putting embroidered name or initial on the robe. That’s a very cute thought, actually. I was thinking of buying something like that for my three years old daughter, she likes to display her name everywhere, and it would please no end to have her own bathrobe with her name stitched on it.
Articles about the history and types of robes is another feature which I liked on the site. Generally such type of merchandise sites make it formal and give to the point information about the product, but here you get to know a great deal about bathrobes besides the usual price and shipping information. I got to know that the bathrobe has its origins in robe, which in turn is a borrowed word from French.(Half of the English words are borrowed anyways).Another article describes the various types of bathrobes. Terry robes are good at absorbing water because they are made of pure cotton. While hooded robes keep you warm for a longer time. Kimono robes are preferred for their grace and elegance.
If you are gifting a bathrobe to someone in the family, then you can make it look more stylish by adding a free greeting card. You have to fill in the instruction when you check out and the greeting card will be delivered with the robe. There are a lot of cards for various occasions. You can choose from birthday, get well, anniversary, mother's day etc.