Top Five Indian Social Bookmarking Sites

I have listed good( and functional) bookmarking sites in India. Here is a list below:

  1. Indian Pad: Arguably the parent of Indian bookmarking sites, Indian pad is a platform of international stature.
  2. My22yards: This social bookmarking site is for Indian cricket fans. It is a fat growing site. You can find some good discussion here on cricket.
  3. Newscola:This site is a subsidary of IBibo of balti fame.
  4. Humsurfer:This is basically a site to share online links for sports events and movie downloads.
  5. IndianBytes:A good site on India related news and events, which are regularly submitted on this bookmarking site



18 September 2008 at 16:49

Pretty good list but I think you missed out on www.rambhai.com :-) I think its one of the best out there. Do have a look.