The War of Music Fans is On

My husband is a huge Bryan Adams fan and he is excited that His idol is coming to Newmarket this summer in June. Now that's another thing that he is not going to get the tickets because tickets evaporate as the events are announced. There are many music fans who are more fanatical and over the top than my husband.Bryan Adams will be in Glasgow in October,other cities included in this tour are Liverpool,Sheffield, Manchester,Birmingham, Cardiff, Newcastle and London (in November).As Glasgow is just an hour drive away from Edinburgh,I was of the opinion that we should go to that concert.But who can persuade a crazy fan bent on attending the First show of Bryan Adams in UK!
Anyways while looking for some extra tickets for my husband and his friends,I came across this site where people can buy and sell tickets.You will find not only concert tickets, but also tickets for different football and rugby union events and also theater tickets. Anybody can buy or sell tickets here.The registration is free.
You will find virtually every event listed here. From Bon Jovi toBruce Springsteen, Bjork to Moody blues, every tour is on the site.My personal favorites are radioheads so I am looking for a chance to get Radiohead tickets and go to Dublin.This tour is also in June, but its four days earlier than Bryan Adams'. Lets hope I get the tickets first;)