A look at Different types of Mailboxes

When we go out to shop for mailboxes for our house or apartment, we generally don’t have much idea about types of mail boxes or what should we look for, when buying mailboxes. Even in this era of electronic mails we get a feeling of warmth if someone dear to us sends a letter.
The words written on paper have a magical quality of mending the broken bonds. When buying mailboxes, one has to take into consideration different aspects, such as the cost, strength, security, size and style. If you live in the countryside, then mailboxes made of a tough material like heavy duty steel, should be your best option, as there are many instances of vehicles hitting the mailboxes that are mounted on the roadside. Similarly, if you are an entrepreneur, then you need commercial mailbox, which comes with a locking system. This provides you the extra security that you need to protect your business and make the communications and transactions secure. People living near the sea, should avoid buying brass or copper mailbox because the winds will make it rust. If you live in a flat then, apartment mailbox is for you.
Surface mount mailbox is attached to a wall and it can be fixed at your door step, so it is very convenient to use. On the other hand, column mount mailboxes are placed outside and they can be very attractive decorative items of your house.



16 July 2008 at 00:34

In terms of security it doesn't get better than the Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox by Epoch Design. This thing is a postal fortress, dubbed "Postbox Maximus" by Popular Mechanics.